Student Life

Being a pioneer student at a brand new school is an exciting opportunity. Our inaugural freshmen and sophomores will have the opportunity to shape some of our student clubs and extracurriculars based on their interests and needs. Working with faculty mentors and parents, students interested in offering new opportunities on campus before or after school hours will be invited to begin by asking questions such as,


  • How does this club promote what is good, true and beautiful?
  • In what way can students who participate grow?
  • Is there a way this group can serve the school, families or the community?
  • Is this a worthwhile way to spend one’s time?
  • Am I being called to place my gifts and service into this work?
  • Will this opportunity help me to balance work and leisure?

Our philosophy is that many high school students are needlessly cramming every second of their lives with busyness. While we want to encourage discipline, work, virtue and talents, we also don’t want to lose sight of the need for time and space for meaningful conversations, authentic leisure, time with one’s family, prayer and non-required reading. To that end, Fiat Classical Academy is discerning about the student clubs or extracurriculars offered. 

As a school that serves families, we want to preserve the unrepeatable relationship a high school student has with his or her nuclear and extended family. While athletics are an important aspect of our life as embodied creatures, we don’t want practices, tournaments and out-of-town games to contribute to a fractured life. We incorporate athletics into the school week. Parents are encouraged to organize opportunities for students to play competitively through pick-up games, family field days or intramurals. 

When planning school-sponsored activities, we consider the needs of families. Concretely, we are discerning about scheduling events for students on evenings and weekends, to preserve the priority of time with family and other non-school pursuits.